Commissioning / Retro-commissioning

3110Energy Management and Control Systems: Devices and Components

Application of the ASHRAE 0-2005 guideline is typical for control systems. A complete inventory of NIST traceable reference devices including data loggers, temperature, and pressure, IAQ, and air flow reference instruments is maintained for use in control system commissioning.

 Energy Management and Control Systems: Network Architecture

We maintain current protocol analysis, software and hardware, to identify potential network problems and security risks. During commissioning we apply standard risk assessment protocols, identifying non-current or non-standard communication packets, protocols, and port configuration.

Central Energy Plants:

Bender Energy Group, LLC provides commissioning and retro-commissioning services for central plants, maintaining an inventory of measurement devices (flow air and water flow), as well as balancing tools for such projects.

Lighting Systems:

We provide complete lighting and lighting control system commissioning services including light level, light color and control system commissioning.