Energy Projects Development

2013-03-26 15.31.24Bender Energy Group, LLC provides project development of mechanical systems, energy management systems, central energy plants and lighting systems for facilities as a component of energy auditing, process audit or six sigma quality processes.

Projects include high and low temperature heat recovery, primary secondary chilled water pumping conversions, chilled water free cooling, process cooling water elimination, ventilation rehabilitation / reconstruction, and demand control ventilation projects. Bender Energy Group, LLC provides assessment, design, construction management, and commissioning services, as well as performance measurement and verification services.

Bender Energy Group, LLC also provides construction management services for mechanical and controls installations. As part of our bid documentation preparation services, we have moved away from paper bid documents to electronic interactive document preparation. Particularly on very large scale control systems retrofits, integration and dashboard projects, the large amount of information (existing panel locations, existing point lists, network routing and protocols and control sequences) lends itself to electronic interactive documentation of the bid documents. The electronic documentation delivers and enormous amount of organized information to the bidders, and provides a vehicle to clearly define the relationships of the information (point list to panel to sequence to network).