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“Bender Energy Group provides Energy Engineering and Technical capabilities for both the private sector and government sector in a wide variety of energy specific areas including; Facility Auditing; Mechanical Systems Analysis; Energy Management and Control Systems for Devices/Components; Network Architecture; Central Energy Plants; Lighting Systems; and Training.

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Rate Period:
1 January 2015 thru 31 December 2015
Minimum/Maximum Order:
Geographic Area Covered:
Business Size:
Small Business
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CAGE Code:
Sam Registration:
Valid thru 9 December 2015
Home Office:
Cincinnati, Ohio

Special Item Numbers:
871-202 Energy Management Planning and Strategies
871-203 Training on Energy Management
871-204 Metering Services
871-205 Energy Program Support Services
871-206 Building Commissioning Services
871-207 Energy Audit Services
871-208 Resource Efficiency Management
871-209 Innovations in Energy
871-210 Water Conservation
871-211 Energy Consulting Services
811-006 Facilities Maintenance and Management Consulting
003-097 Ancillary and Repair Services
003-100 Ancillary Supplies and Services Relating to Facilities Maintenance and Management

541330 Engineering Services
541350 Building and Inspection Services
541420 Other Specialty Design, Industrial
561621 Security Services
236220 Commercial and Industrial Building Construction
238220 Plumbing, Heating & AC Contractors