Bender Energy Presents White Paper At World Energy Engineering Congress

Bender EnergyBender Energy presents white paper at World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Washington D.C.

The Bender Energy Group was selected as a key presenter at the most recent 2014 World Engineering Congress held in Washington D.C.

Bender Energy engineer Ken Flannery presented his white paper on the inherent inefficiencies of open-loop chilled water storage tanks in an industrial process  cooling system.

The World Wide Energy Conference is the largest event of its kind.  The event brings together key figures and companies that are in the energy space.  The conference is well known for providing attendees and their companies information that they can you can use right away to address the full spectrum of energy cost control opportunities and innovative energy supply options.

The distinguished companies and speakers that are asked to participate in the event are traditionally well respected and deliver value in the energy management space.  The WEEC conference is recognized not only for the number of papers presented, but also for the qualifications and knowledge of the experts making the presentations.

“The Bender Energy Group is proud to take part in the event and to be one of the select companies that are being asked to present at the 2014 conference.  This is always a great event” said J.D Bender the Owner of Bender Energy Group.




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