Sustainability & Your Key Business Processes

Bender Energy Widn MillsYes we have all heard the word sustainability thrown around a lot lately especially in the media.  You know sustainability defined as effectively, the provision of energy such that it meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Despite the fact that sustainability has become a huge discussion point, there are still many companies that do not treat sustainability with the detail it deserves.  Still today there are many companies that are merely looking at sustainability with a pass fail mentality meaning that they are really simply interested in getting good green ratings, but not so interested in truly making operational changes that will really impact their long term ability to exceed sustainability goals and at the same time really impact their day to day operations and cost.

Companies continue to look to gain that passing grade without touching operations.  This type of approach really needs to be examined closely because it may be hurting your company in the long run.  Sustainability needs to be regarded as a standard in a sense.  It needs to be a true part of the company culture and taken seriously.  This means implementing process, procedures, and operational changes that are smart and make sense for your company as well as allowing you to continue to get the passing green grade.  Energy cost need to be considered when looking at viable solutions within the company. Reduction should always be a key focus.  This includes reduction of water, waste, and energy.  These reductions need to be a priority.

Sustainability should be a major focus for all corporations, not simply because it allows you gain the approvals and green rating you need, but if done correctly it actually can make your company a more efficient energy user.  Even if it means you have to influence operations and operational cost.

There are many smart ways to approach this issue.  Bender Energy Group would be glad to discuss how we can help make this happen.

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